Masterclass: Finding Photographic Opportunities (Brisbane Masterclass)

Masterclass: Finding Photographic Opportunities (Brisbane Masterclass)
From AUD $149.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Brisbane, QLD
  • Product code: OPP-BNE
One of the simplest truths in photography is that "by the time we see a photograph, it's too late to take it." Our founder, Luke, is often asked the question: "how do you get to explore the world with travel photography for a job?" 

Luke's usual answer is: "before you can be trusted to find the photo ops in strange and exotic destinations, first you need to show the world you can find them in your own backyard."

Which brings us to this brand new and exciting Masterclass.

Spend 4 hours on a unique walking tour in your own city with Remember Forever's own Luke Ballard, a world renowned travel photographer, as he treats Brisbane to the same photographic eye that explores the world. During this class, Luke will point out the photographic opportunities he encounters and then demonstrate how he will compose the image, and take the photograph.

This is a unique opportunity to not only improve your photography but dramatically increase your chances of finding better photographs.

* This course will only run once in 2018 and there are limited spaces available *